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A trek to the remote and ancient Tibetan plains of Upper Mustang offers an experience of a culture unaffected by tourism and panoramic views of the spectacular barren landscape

Maximum elevation 4300m

Difficulty: ??

Accommodation -: Hotel / Tea houses 

Transportation:  Flight / private jeep 

Start /End point :- Pokhara / Jomsom

Best season: March - May / September- December

Culture: Bhote / Thakali / Gurung


Across the Himalayas on the Tibetan plateau, Mustang is an ancient, hidden area of Nepal which remains isolated and remote through restricted access to visitors and so is largely unchanged from its Tibetan past. The landscape and heritage reflect that of Tibet with walled cities, ancient Buddhist monasteries and cave dwellings amidst eroded canyons and wind-blown rock formations, where the cultivated areas stand out in stark, green contrast to the barren surroundings.


This trek offers a privileged view of the Mustang region, climbing from the Annapurna region through to the high hills to the walled city of  Lo Manthang, passing local villages, ancient monasteries and spectacular, panoramic scenery. It allows a day to explore the nearby cultural sights: museums, caves and gompas, before returning via a different trail to take in the varied sights and experiences this beautiful region has to offer. It is one of the less arduous treks which is likely to only become more popular as it becomes better known, but due in part to the extra cost of the restricted permit needed remains at present less frequented. Festivals are a colourful and interesting part of Mustang culture. Visiting during the Tiji festival which takes place each year could be a particularly special trek (timing varies each year but end of May 2019), to see the masked dances performed by the monks of Lo Manthang to appease the demons.



Day 01 Travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara by flight or bus

Day 02 Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni at 2800m (3 hrs)

Day 03 Trek from Kagbeni to Chele at 3100m (5-6 hrs)

Day 04 Trek from Chele to Samar at 3620m (5-6 hrs)

Day 05 Trek from Samar to Geling at 3570m (5-6 hrs)

Day 06 Trek from Geling to Tsarang at 3560m (6-7 hrs)

Day 07 Trek from Tsarang to Lo Manthang at 3840 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 08 Day hiking around Lo Manthang:  Chosar cave, museum and monasteries etc

Day 09 Trek from Lo Manthang to Drakmar at 2820m (6 hrs)

Day 10 Trek from Drakmar to Syangboche at 2800m (6 hrs)

Day 11 Trek from Syangboche to Samar 3620m (5 hrs)

Day 12 Trek from Samar to Chhusang at 2980m (5 hrs)

Day 13 Trek from Chhusang to Jomsom at 2720m (? hrs)

Day 14 Fly from Jomsom to Kathmandu via Pokhara

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