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Choosing the right time for your trek in Nepal



Choosing the right time for your trek in Nepal

The best seasons for trekking to most areas of Nepal are Autumn and Spring.


The Autumn period usually has the most ideal conditions following the summer monsoon, the air having been cleared by the rain, when the landscape is green and the rice terraces ready for harvest. It is the peak time for travellers to Nepal, when the trails get very busy. Normally the season starts in early October after the monsoon rains have stopped, but as in other places the weather is becoming more unpredictable and rain and clouds may still continue.


After mid-October the weather improves with clear skies and views of the mountain ranges. November is generally the clearest month, with crisp and sparkling days. December is much colder at higher altitude, and the teahouses start to close with local people moving to lower regions for winter.


Trekking throughout the Winter is perfectly possible in the foothills, but heading to the higher valleys during late December/January and early February is for the hardy, experienced mountain walkers used to snow and cold conditions.


The Spring season from late February to early May, is the other most popular trekking season and the best time to see the rhododendrons and magnolia in bloom. The weather is generally stable and warm in the valleys but clouds often cover the mountains by mid morning and the air may be hazy. The high passes are more accessible from April but it may be windy.

The Summer season from mid-June to mid-September is the monsoon period when cloud and rain are present most days, and the roads and trails may suffer from landslides and rivers are full affecting some routes. Leeches are also a problem. But visiting in the summer has the benefit of few tourists and an authentic experience of local life with the fields busy and productive and with many festivals to enjoy. Mustang and Dolpa, in the rain shadow to the north of the high mountains are good areas to visit during the Summer season, but the weather affected approaches may be subject to landslide.

We are happy to discuss the timing of your trip with us and where the best regions to travel are at that time!

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